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Boxwood--typical appearance
(Buxus sempervirens)
Boxwood has been known as a great turning and carving wood for hundreds of years.  It has an incredibly fine grain and is an excellent wood for woodturning and even ornamental turning, as it accepts fine details like few woods are capable of.  It is expensive owing to scarcity of good material, and the very long time it takes to grow to a usuable size (at least 90 years minimum and even then under unusual conditions). There are many types of boxwood but sempervirens is the type sold on the world market. Musical instruments have been made from this wood for hundreds of years, and many survive to this day.  Note that the wood is often uniform in color but can have many lines (such as the dark line seen above) which some people find quite decorative.  Most pieces or logs will have at least some lines in them, and some of them have densely packed lines.  All logs have some cracks, which always form in all but tiny logs during the drying process.  Call us with questions if the pictures do not make clear the piece you are considering.    Specific gravity is around .90 or more , with some variance among logs.

Note that when we say "air dried" or "kiln-dried" we mean that the wood has been properly checked with a corrected moisture meter and is known to have less than 12% moisture. 12% moisture is what used to qualify as a kiln-dried piece of wood in the past. Unfortunately, many vendors have started using using up to 18% moisture (which is unstable) to count as kiln-dried and completely wet wood to count as air dried. We don't make claims of "air dried" or "kiln-dried" unless we know the actual moisture and it is genuinely under 12%. Pen blanks are always air dried.

New Grading system:
IQ:  Instrument quality. Almost perfect.  Only necessary for certain projects.  Very hard to acquire.
IQ2:  2nd instrument quality:  Has a very tiny imperfection here or there that would not matter for most projects.
Turning Grade:  A basically good piece that has a small knot or two.  Knots may have a tiny check in them.
Note that any of the pieces may have an edge or two that is rounded so long as the size when turned on the lathe is not affected.


unless specified otherwise.

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Boxwood 3/4 pen blank
hi grade pcs with perfect color/quality
no knots or discoloration

Price: $8.60

Actual pieces for sale shown, order by number below.
Dried completely.
Notes: These all came from France, carefully graded with grades marked below each piece in the first photo. Some have slightly rounded corners, visible in photos. 14 has a more rounded single corner.
Pieces not shown below are sold.

No surprises: ALL four sides visible in photos:

Click here for a THIRD side view.

Click here for FOURTH side view.

this group sold, working on more now!


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