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We are now starting to offer a few pieces for luthiers, mostly focusing on fretboards/fingerboards with a few other sizes as available.   We hope to offer some types not usually available as well as those you would expect.   Our fretboards are usually cut on a bandsaw and therefore need to be sanded to be made dead flat.  When stating the sizes of fretboards, we state the smallest size we have noted in length, width or thickness.  You can follow the link to the appropriate wood page for more information for some of them.  These pieces have been dried (either air or kiln) unless statedotherwise.   More will be added as available, so be sure to check back often.  Note that we use "fretboard" and "fingerboard" to mean the same thing.  Boards have not been fretted or sanded perfectly flat unless specifically noted.


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All are completely dry and ready for use.
These are the actual pieces for sale. These are beyond rare, and I haven't seen them for sale anywhere else before. They were originally cut to be fingerboards for guitars, but could be used for many purposes, like laminating to archery bows, making larger turning blanks through laminating, or also using to make jewelry boxes. The wood just doesn't seem be on the market at all anymore, except for maybe pen blanks or very small turning blanks--which are also hard to find. If not listed below then that piece is sold. Notes: size variations from the listed size are possible, +/- 1/32 for thickness, +/- 1/16 for width.

Afzelia Xylay
Piece 1
5/16 x 2 11/16 x 19.75 inches

Price: $100.00

Afzelia Xylay
Piece 2
5/16 x 2 11/16 x 19.75 inches

Price: $95.00

Afzelia Xylay
Piece 5
5/16 x 2 11/16 x 19.75 inches

Price: $110.00

Afzelia Xylay
Piece 8
5/16 x 2 11/16 x 19.75 inches

Price: $115.00

Snakewood makes for an exciting fretboard or accent.  It is more trouble to work with than most woods and if you are unfamiliar with it we recommend you buy a smaller less expensive piece to practice working on.  These pieces have been smeared with superglue (thin viscosity) to try to prevent/fill any checks or cracks.  Expect to use superglue and possibly snakewood sawdust to fill voids or checks that may (usually) be present.  These pieces will need to have the flatness and thickness adjusted by the luthier as they are rough sawn.  The smallest dimensions we can find on the board are the sizes reported below. 


--------------------------------- Some available, call us!

Ebony is one of the woods usually used for fretboards.  If you are not familiar with our ebony grading system be sure to click the "ebony" button above to see grades on the ebony page.  Ebony (and all other woods)  is considered partially air dried unless specifically noted to be air dried or kiln-dried.  We consider air dried or kiln-dried to mean that a piece of wood has 12% moisture or less.



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