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Masur Birch (figured)
(betula pendula)

Grading System for Masur Birch:
1A: Some figured areas in the piece
2A: Some very good figure, at least on one side with decent figure on some other areas too
3A: Really Excellent figure on at least a couple of sides and most other areas have some figure.
4A: Incredible figure on at least two sides, good figure elsewhere
4AFine: Incredible figure like 4A, but has some areas of figure that are ultra small, very hard to find.
Note that all wood grading is subjective.  We have graded them a certain way based on the overall quality, and they don't always correspond exactly to the above definitions.   Most people would agree that each higher grade is better than the last grade.


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The cost of this wood has skyrocketed due to demand in other countries. We do have some stock not listed below, email us for more info. Logs are not available. Importing new stock would mean doubling current prices, which is why you don't see this wood around much anymore. If pricing gets more reasonable in the future, we'll have more to offer at that time.
Masur Birch 3A grade pen blanks, 11/16 to 3/4 square by 5 inches or more long
Price: $7.50

Masur Birch 2A grade pen blanks, 11/16 to 3/4 square by 5 inches or more long
Price: $4.50

Click the photo for view of side 2. Actual pieces shown, order below.

Masur Birch is a highly desired patterned wood from Finland and Belarus. Recent research (2017) has reversed the previous belief that these patterns are caused by beetle attack. Studies have shown that the trees that have these patterns are genetically different from those that don't have patterns. This is a process of natural growth in the tree rather then a response to insect attack. These blue colored spalted areas happen occasionally in masur birch, we have collected this group of pieces over many years (about 13) to get enough to offer this unusual appearance just this one time.
Notes: We stabilized these with pentacryl. They have thoroughly dried afterwards.

No surprises: ALL four sides visible in photos:

Click here for a THIRD side view.

Click here for FOURTH side view.

Masur Birch Spalted
Piece 11
1 7/16 x 1 7/16 x 4 inches
Price: $20.00

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