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peroba rosa
Peroba Rosa

Peroba rosa (aspidosperma peroba)  is a wood of variable colors, from tannish to as orange as the photo, which can remind one of the skin of a ripe peach.  It originates from Southern Brazil or Paraguay.  The grain is fine and the wood is extremely stable, making this an excellent turning wood.  Reportedly, it has good sound qualities for duck calls and chanters (bagpipes), and possibly other musical uses.  All of our pieces of peroba rosa are kiln-dried.  Turns very well.  Great to work with, fairly dense and fine grained, beautiful and not too expensive!


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Peroba Rosa pen blank
Price: $3.50


Peroba rosa which has been dyed pink. Another limited run and experiment like we are doing with some other woods too. Each piece is unique because the dye goes differently into each piece. They all are sent looking like the two on the left. The two in the middle have been sanded to reveal some color. The three on the right have been sanded and sprayed with a clear finish. Some are mostly pink, some are reddish all over and some have electric pink stripes. This is probably not one you'll find for sale anywhere else, because this wood is so rare on the market. Just 24 pieces available.

These are 3/4 x 3/4 x 5.75 inches, so a little longer then some.

Peroba Rosa pen blank
Dyed pink and stabilized

Price: $6.00

Actual pieces for sale are shown, order by letter below . These are all dried after two years stickered in our wood room. Nice pieces, no defects and pretty uniform in appearance and color, no significant variations on sides not seen. Peroba rosa, especially in dried pieces is rarely seen for sale. It is one of my favorite woods, ultra fine grain, finishes like a dream, works great on the lathe, takes detail, kind of like a hidden treasure most people in the wood world have passed over.

(Pieces missing BELOW are already sold)

This group is sold, we have a few more in this size and will be cutting other sizes soon, let us know if you want any




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