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Bubinga (figured) & unfigured

Bubinga is an attractive wood from Africa, and much comes from the country of Cameroon.  It can be a very large tree.  Bubinga can have various kinds of figure (or none).  The pieces below have pictures to help explain the types of figure being offered. (Those not marked as figured are not considered figured). The specific gravity is about .88 and the wood works nicely.   Colors shown are as accurate as possible, and are a good idea of what these pieces look like in natural light.  Sapwood can be an exciting accent, and the sapwood usually has the same figure as the rest of the piece and holds together well. 

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Some of the unfigured shown unfinished. Note that color darkens a lot when finishing,
this is a photo of bare wood. See waxed piece below (red area, right side) for an idea of usual finished color of bubinga .
Bubinga 1 x 1 x 12, kiln-dried
Price: $3.25

Bubinga 2 x 2 x 12, kiln-dried
Price: $9.50

Bubinga 2 x 2 x 18, kiln-dried
Price: $15.00

Just a few available, all look very much alike!





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