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International Orders--we ship worldwide!

Note:  We allow shipments to most countries if you are shipping to a confirmed billing address (your bank must participate in the International database used to verify credit card addresses) for a credit card and the order with shipping is under $750.00. In the UK and Canada, we also accept verified paypal payments which are to be delivered to the verifed paypal address for orders with shipping up to $750.00 . If you don't meet the above requirements we can still ship to you. You will need to pay by bank transfer for the first few transactions, or for Canadians we will accept a Canada Post money order. Confirmed customers can get around these rules, which means we have determined through at least three transactions with you which are over 150.00, that there are no issues with payment. Some larger orders to certain countries require bank transfer payment regardless of confirmation. Your country must allow your shipment to be insured. Email any questions and we'll make it as easy for you as possible.

Postal options for most customers shipping outside the USA:

For items that will fit in a flat rate box: 
Note: Any Flat rate box cannot weigh over 20 pounds.
(up to 50% less money for the weight)

Box sizes:
Regular flat rate boxes:
Box type 1 :  13.5" long,  11.5" wide,  3 1/8" thick
Box type 2:   11" long,  8.5" wide, 5.5" thick

Large flat rate box
Size: 5.5" deep, 12" wide and 12" long.
large box 2, size: 2.75 inches thick, 11 inches wide, 23.75 inches long
Large box size 2 note: not officially allowed for export
but we have been using it anyway without problems, could be restricted at some point.
All sizes OK for all USA orders.


Please allow for some pieces being slightly oversized when figuring what will fit.  We can cut some items to fit in the box at your request .  A small fee may apply in some cases if cutting is required. Box cannot have any bulges in it

Note: Postal shipping does not include any customs clearance fees being charged by your country.  UPS does in normal circumstances. UPS STANDARD to Canada does not include brokerage fees, they are paid when received and can be as much or more then the shipping price. If your country charges for taxes on imports, you would be responsible for them.  


    Items that will not fit in a flat rate box will be sent international air based on cost which we will email to you for your approval.  Feel free to call us or contact us by email at exoticwoodman@msn.com  if you need details or our help fitting the most wood possible in your flat rate box. 

Please note:  There is no sea/ground mail any longer from the United States.  All options are air, and postal air is far less than UPS, but we do offer UPS also

You can also call us: (USA country code) + 970+241+2827
If no answer, be sure to leave your email address as this is 
the way we will return call messages from places other than the USA.

International Customers please read:  There are some risks for international mailing and we protect from almost all of them.   We protect you from almost all risks (such as loss), but you are required to make a drive to a post office (if your postal service requires that) to pick up your item.   You must agree to sign for your item if required and provide appropriate identification.   If an item is returned due to your not picking it up by the required date as set by your local postal office, you would be required to pay return shipping and the original shipping. You would also have to pay shipping back to you if you still want the item.    Please agree to this responsibility before ordering.  Thank you.


Countries not allowed to receive shipments (some exceptions, see notes):

China mainland:  (problems verifying the needed documentation and with customs) however we can ship to China at your risk. You would pay us in cash by western union and if the box was lost or stolen by customs you would take the loss. All risks associated with the package after it reaches customs are the responsibility of the customer and customer excepts all losses and we will not give refunds or adjustments. We only guarantee that it will reach China customs as shown by the tracking information. At that point all issues are the customers problem.

Russia: allowed only if you pay in advance in cash by western union. Same rules as mainland China for customs: once it has been received by customs in Russia, you have all further responsibility for loss or theft.

Afghanistan, Iraq (some exceptions for military personnel, must be an APO FPO mailing address) reason: war related chaos

Syria, Iran (and any other countries on the
USA state departments watch list of terror supporting governments)

Insurance and customs declarations: 

All orders must be fully insured and items of a greater value than allowed for insurance to your country cannot be shipped.  Customs forms will reflect the real value of your order.  We will not send uninsured items, or  make declarations which do not disclose the real value on the customs form  (which is a crime in the USA).  Do not ask us to commit fraud, we consider it an insult and we might not deal with you again.  We also do not ship as "gift" or "sample" unless you are actually buying samples.   We have a very satisfied clientele and want to take these measures to keep you satisfied.

Shipping restrictions:

The following items cannot be shipped outside the USA:

Brazilian Rosewood

Argentine lignum (sometimes called lignum vitae but is not)

ALL rosewoods
Bois de rose and anything else from Madagascar
Spanish Cedar
Aloeswood or Agarwood, rule could change in future to 1 kg allowed, check with us
Lignum Vitae (genuine)

Argentine lignum vitae

full sized lumber

Logs or burl with bark
Burls with bark/natural edge

Anything else that is not allowed by CITES rulesor your country regulations.