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Blue Mahoe
(Hibiscus elata)
From the Carribean
Sustainably harvested
Blue Mahoe seems to vary in color based upon where it grows.  Some blue mahoe is quite brown, whereas that sold below has blue, violet, light blue, steel blue, green and rarely even a royal blue color, but most of the wood has less than 20% blue. This wood is grown on a plantation in the Carribean in a diverse ecosystem (this is not a tree farm but an ecologically cultivated jungle area with all the natural species present).  You are helping to support this effort every time you buy the wood below.  Reportedly, the wood is very easy to work and holds its color well.  The specific gravity is .63 and the wood is easy to dry compared to most exotics. Aside from spalted wood, this is the only naturally blue-ish wood available!

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The photos show the variety of colors.  Colors can range from blue-gray to violet
as well as reddish purple, grey, white streaks etc. . Note:  Pen blanks are sold as random color with no color
instructions, or as color specified, with instructions for color to be followed.

Blue Mahoe pen blank with nice random and variegated colors
Price: $3.00

Blue Mahoe. Click photo for side 2
All pieces are dried, natural color wood. 
  We do NOT have other pieces to sell beyond what is listed on this page currently.

No surprises: ALL four sides visible in photos:

Click here for a third side view.

Click here for final fourth side view.

Blue Mahoe
3/4+ x 3/4+ x 12 inches
bare wood, natural colors

Price: Sold--- we don't know when we'll get more blue mahoe, but we continue to try!



































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