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(ilex opaca)

American Holly, also called Christmas Holly,  is one of the whiter woods available.  It is difficult to dry and must be kiln-dried rapidly and correctly to prevent bright green stains from appearing.  Once dry it is a fairly stable wood.  It grows predominantly in the Eastern part of the United States.  It can only be cut in the winter when the sap is down. This wood has a fairly fine grain, and is an excellent wood for turnery as well as color contrasting inlays and segmented turning work.  The specific gravity averages around .61.     Some boards in smaller sizes are available in primo grade, please email or call us for specific sizes of boards.

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Please note that all pieces listed are kiln-dried, unless otherwise stated. All our woods are free from checks or cracks unless specifically mentioned on each item.

Grading System: (Based on external appearance of wood only)
Seconds (2nd)--some obvious strong grey or off-colors and or some knots 
Excellent Grade: Very good, but there is a Some off color areas/lines and/or a few tight, small knots
Primo Grade: About as perfect as this wood comes, very white and no knots bigger than 3 millimeters ---almost no/none visible off color areas at all
Note that no piece of holly is guaranteed to be perfectly white or have no visible grain, even carefully graded wood usually has some unique character, as wood should.
Holly pen blank
Primo Grade
Price: $5.00

Holly pen blank 2nd with grey/green shadow 62% off!
Price: 2.00

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Premium larger squares in holly.

These are all considered high grade (very selective cutting) for color, and are dried and defect free.

Expect to have some grain showing in any piece of wood, including holly. Carefully selective cut Holly like this is the closest you can get to white as a natural wood color.

THIS GROUP IS SOLD, but we'll be making more soon, feel free to email us your needs if you want holly squares before we get done!

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