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Hardwood Flooring
Suppliers of exotic hardwood flooring.  Also includes a photo gallery, blog and detailed hardwood learning center.
Makers of Fine Pens using exotic wood:

John Kersh--  I make high quality pens using the best pen kits on the market.  I can make pens to your
                      individual specifications and can send you photos of pens I made using a variety of pen
                       kits.  Please email me at: for details.

Makers of multiple turned wood items:

Nelsonwood--Turnings and woodwork of Texas artist, Bryan T. Nelson, exotic and domestic woods from around the world.  To visit the site, click here resource site for new woodworkers and potters.

Makers of other fine items using exotic wood:

Miltary Memorial Flag Cases---Military Flag Display Cases, Shadow boxes and Frames created from Solid Soft, Hard, Exotic and highly figured specialty woods to display memorial flags, internment, military and heirloom flags. High quality, hand crafted cases. 

Segmented Turning info:

Segmented Project Planner-- A source for designing segmented turning projects, from novice to expert and and idea to assembly, check out the designing software on the site.

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