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There is a $20.00 minimum internet wood order for USA addresses, and a $50 wood minimum for orders shipped outside the USA or for USA orders not completed on the website.

Note: Read and agree to policies below before ordering.

Order directly on the website

Call us for orders or questions at:
EMAIL (this is the best way to contact us, and we'll answer after hours too!)

 Click here for orders shipped outside the USA!

Gift Certificates now available!*
Order them any size over $40.00
New! Shipped free almost anywhere. 

Make checks or money orders payable to:
Griffin Exotic Wood LLC
Call for the mailing address to send your order.  This is
because we need to reserve any wood you are buying
and get your name and contact information in case
we have any questions about the order your are making. 

We are located near Grand Junction, Colorado, USA
and ship worldwide.  See our international page for
orders going outside the USA.

We accept Visa , Mastercard, and Discover. 
Paypal is also acccepted, but only by 
online invoice or through the website. (not by phone)

Sales tax added to orders sold to Colorado addresses. 
Prices subject to change without notice.
Errors, if any, will be corrected when order is processed.

POLICIES (which govern all sales and interactions):
Last revision: December 19, 2021

"Us"---Means  Griffin Exotic Wood LLC,  "You" "customer" "receiver"--means the customer or receiver of service

By ordering with us (Griffin Exotic Wood LLC), you are agreeing to the policies below, regardless of the method by which the order was placed. These policies are also known as "terms and conditions"  Be sure to read and agree to all policies before ordering.  Note that we are not responsible for website malfunctions or mistakes that may cause incorrect prices or sizes to appear if we correct such mistakes at time of processing your order.  If an error would cause the total cost for your order to increase or sizes to be different than listed, we will get permission from you before making any changes.  You can always cancel an order without any penalty if we have changed the order without your permission or before the order has been processed or packed or cut except as follows:    If the cancellation of your order has cost us over $10 in processing fees (note we pay them to an outside processor whether you want a refund or not and refunding you does not return the fees to us) then the actual amount we have paid to process your order will be deducted from your refund if you cancel that order before it is shippedGenerally only orders over $300 would incur such fees, so canceling an order for less then $300 would mean a full refund and we would pay the associated processing fees.   If you have made multiple orders on the same day to be shipped together, the total of all the orders will count as your order total.  

We ship promptly and charge only our estimated cost of shipping to you (or a discounted/adjusted amount as stated on the order page when ordering on the internet).   Phone orders are figured by adding  the price listed on the wood page to the cost quoted by the shipping carrier for your package, with a handling fee in some cases. We insure packages and you are not responsible for packages lost OR damaged in the mail or with UPS for items being shipped to locations in the USA if tracking information shows they were not delivered.   You are required to save all packaging for inspection if there is damage.   Failure to do so will mean any damage would be your liability if we cannot get paid by the insurance company.   For UPS packages, you might have to wait up to 3 weeks for your refund if they need that much time to investigate whether they can find the package. Your cooperation with requests for photos and filling out insurance forms (if applicable) is required within 3 days of us requesting it.   If you do not follow through with needed documentation you agree to take all liability for loss or damage.   For USPS, it could be as long as 30 days to pay an insurance claim and you agree that we are not required to refund your money before that time if USPS has not given the refund to us.   When you make an order you are charging your credit card or paypal at the time the order is made.   Free shipping only applies as specified on the home page on the date of your order and are sent within the continental USA, with some exceptions at our discretion.  Some woods are not applicable for free shipping (you would be billed just for those woods shipping if you qualified for free shipping).  Free shipping costs must not exceed 10% of the total of the order.  The customer would pay the amount that is over the 10% threshold.  Logs are not applicable for free shipping.  A few other exceptions may apply, and if they effect your order we will contact you before shipping the order to explain.

FOR NON-USA DESTINATIONS our liability may stop at customs entry: We insure packages going outside the USA as well, and you might be required to wait up to 190 days for a refund pending postal investigation for non-USA destinations. We will always try to be fair to you and make sure that you are not subjected to losses beyond your control. If we have followed your instructions (as written by email or in your internet order) for shipping to a non-USA destination and customs in your country seizes an order anyway, your refund would be reduced by 80% of the entire total including shipping, or if the package is returned to us and we are required to pay return shipping or repeat shipping, that would be deducted from any refund or added as an extra charge. If we have not followed your address and declaration instructions as clearly laid out by you in writing, we will give you a 100% refund in the case of customs seizure. You are not responsible for any package that can't be shown by tracking information to have reached customs in your country and would in that case receive a complete refund within 190 days of your order  .


F.O.B.  --this is a term that means "freight on board".   It means that you accept all liability for loss after we ship an item IF  you wrote directions for UPS/USPS to leave a box in the appropriate spot on the internet order form.  Orders without such instructions (and which you have not redirected--see below)  will be guaranteed to be received at your shipping address by Griffin Exotic Wood LLC and you'd receive a full refund if it did not arrive per the tracking information.   Proof that it did arrive will be tracking information that shows arrival.  The refund could be delayed up to 30 days while waiting for an insurance claim.       Claims to insurance for packages stolen after tracking shows they are delivered would be submitted on your behalf with the appropriate insurance company with your cooperation required if needed.   If we are not able to get cooperation from you to fill out an insurance form within 3 days of such a request being emailed to you, you release us from all liability and agree to take the loss in that case.   Griffin Exotic Wood llc is not liable for claims of lost packages after tracking shows they have been delivered.   If insurance will pay the claim for such lost packages we will refund your order to the degree that insurance has reimbursed us.  Note that some orders are not fully insured for the full value of the order.   First Class Mail packages (which you have directed to use) may not have any insurance at all.  First class mail packages we have chosen on your behalf without being directed by you are full insured.    If the insurance company rejects the claim we will not be required to refund for a package lost after tracking shows it is delivered.    International orders have different policies above (see For Non-USA destinations).



If you instruct through any means a carrier to change the delivery address of a package you take full liability for loss or non-delivery or damage of such packages.   We recommend you never do this as it can result in financial loss for you and that loss is agreed will not be covered/refunded by Griffin Exotic Wood llc and will be solely your liability.


SALES TAX FOR CUSTOMERS OUTSIDE OF COLORADO: You agree that you will comply with your states sales tax laws and will submit any taxes generated by your purchase with us to your state sales tax office or authority.

DISCOUNTS: If you have a discount, it may not be combined with any other discount, sale, clearance or otherwise reduced price.

RETURNS for items other than those marked as BULK BUYS:
We want you to be happy with our products. You must inform us within 3 business days after the receipt of your order of anything that is unsatisfactory.  Having contacted us (phone messages or emails are sufficient as long as received), you may return unaltered, unworked wood within 15 days of your receipt of the order.  Orders received after 15 days, or without notification, will be charged a 20% restocking fee or refused and returned at our discretion. You will need to wrap all pieces to prevent moisture changes.   Items custom milled/cut at your request and special order items cannot be returned for any reason. You must pay return shipping and insurance. We will refund your purchase price (less shipping cost) promptly. If you have received discounted (such as "flat rate" or "free") shipping the part of the shipping we paid for you will be deducted from your refund.
NO restocking charges if items are returned in normally saleable condition, or as you received them in the time allotted.  See seperate gift certificate rules below.  Returns not according to the above rules cannot be accepted and no credit would then be given.  You agree that this policy is your sole remedy and that you shall not try to apply any other implied or expressed policy in this policy's stead.  If an item is returned because you refused/failed to sign for it or refused to accept it or pick it up locally if required by the carrier , your refund will be reduced by all charges we incur for such actions/inactions on your part and the processing fees to the credit card processor or paypal also will be deducted from your refund unless you pay to have the shipment redelivered to you.   Special orders that were cut/made at your request cannot be returned/refunded but adjustments can be made at our discretion if you have provided written instructions that were not fully followed.  Note that no cut piece is guranteed to be closer to your specified size than +/- 1/8 inch.


Bulk Buy items are sold at very low profit margins.  For this reason we must add a fee to returns of these items unless the items sent were not the items you ordered.   A 20% restocking fee will apply to the return of any item marked as Bulk Buys.    If you'd like to return a bulk buy item you are required to notify us within 3 days of the delivery date.   We then need to receive the item at the address we provide you within 15 days of the delivery date.  All items must be unchanged from what was sent.  Items that have been cut/sanded/ protective wax removed or any other customer made change will not be given a refund.  If such items are returned to us we will notify you that you may either pay for shipping within 7 days to return them to you or they will be treated as abandoned and will become our property to discard or do with as we wish.    All shipping fees are the responsibility of the customer and shipping fees paid by us to send the item to you will not be refunded unless the carrier refunds that money to us.       

Statements made on your sales receipt, invoice or other paperwork from us are hereby included if they do not contradict or expand the return policy above.

CHARGEBACKS:  A chargeback occurs when a customer calls their credit card company and refuses to pay for a charge made on their credit card or paypal.  They are expensive for merchants and require a great deal of time as well as penalties for the merchant. We require that you give us one week from the time of your request (by email or phone--you must speak to an actual person and not leave a message or email us and get a response) of a refund from us until the refund is processed by us before making a chargeback.   If a chargeback is made by you before we have one week to process your refund request,  you agree that your refund will be reduced by $30.00 US dollars to cover the costs of fees and time we incur to deal with chargebacks.   If a chargeback is made for a refund which is not due based on this policy, you agree that we may charge you $30.00 on your credit card or paypal to deal with the time/fees created by your chargeback.

Corporate or foreign (non-USA banks) credit card purchases:
No surcharges other than that listed here,  as long as payment is made in USA dollars (required).  Electronic funds transfer:  If paying  by this method you are required to make full payment  and add $18.00 to cover international banking fees out of our control.  If we receive less than the agreed total, we will bill for the remainder based on the most convenient way for you, or if unable to contact you in a timely manner, send your order with some items removed to adjust the total to the amount actually received.


We offer gift certificates.  They are shipped without charge to the USA and Canada, or emailed without charge worldwide.   Gift certificates are non-refundable and any remainder after ordering will be considered a store credit and cannot be redeemed for cash or other payment. Gift certificates are void and unusable 2 (two) years after the day of issue.  Gift certificates are name transferable under certain restrictions, call us for instructions. They are available in any amount of $40 or more. Shipping to international destinations:  the customer will be charged our actual estimated cost of shipping to you if over $1..  We will pay the first $1.00 of shipping which will cover most countries postage.

LIABILITY:  The purchaser agrees that James Griffin or James Griffin Exotic Wood Art, Griffin Exotic Wood LLC, his/its agents, suppliers or employees shall have no liability whatsoever other than the replacement of wood at our sole discretion, or offering of a refund at Griffin Exotic Wood llc 's sole discretion,  according to the above policies.  In no case shall James Griffin or  James Griffin Exotic Wood Art or  Griffin Exotic Wood LLC or affiliate have any other liability, financial or otherwise with respect to any item sold, offered for sale or as a free sample, or for any other service, advice, suggestions or consultations, paid or unpaid.  You agree to use all commonly agreed upon safety practices and to use wood for any purpose at your own risk, and to fully understand all safety practices as specified by competent authorities on safety (other than Griffin Exotic Wood LLC or its agents) before beginning any project which could lead to personal injury, death or property damage. [Next sentence only added on October 5th 2012 for clarification] You are responsible for consulting with an allergist about any substance that you may be allergic to: people can be allergic to virtually anything, including contaminants in air, other people AND natural items like wood; you take sole responsibility for all allergic reactions and by buying our wood you specifically release Griffin Exotic Wood llc, James Griffin and James Griffin Exotic Wood art from all liability of any type for an allergic reaction you may have. You are hereby notified that woodworking is an inherently dangerous activity which you should only attempt completely at your own risk.   Safety is completely your responsibility and not the responsibility of Griffin Exotic Wood LLC or it agents.   You agree that all legal costs based on actions you initiate or file or required by us to collect unpaid bills from you shall be paid by you and shall be filed only in the county of Mesa, the state of Colorado, United States of America.  Any collection or legal costs shall be the responsiblity of the party who owes the unpaid bill, not Griffin Exotic Wood LLC.  If any signed, verbal or other contract between James Griffin, James Griffin Exotic Wood Art, Griffin  Exotic Wood LLC or their agents or assigns in any way contradicts the policy above or expands Griffin Exotic Wood LLC, James Griffin Exotic Wood Art or James Griffin's liability, the above policy shall supersede such contract in such a way that the total liability can never exceed the price paid for the wood and the customer expressly waives any other rights to compensation of any kind, for any reason. Any part of this policy nullified by a judge or governing authority, shall not prevent all other parts of this policy from remaining in force.   Making an order with us shall be your agreement to the entire policy written here, and no other communication whether verbal, faxed, written or in any other form shall supercede this policy.


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