Griffin Exotic Wood

Osage Orange
(maclura tinctoria)
Argentina variety

Osage orange from Argentina has good working properties and has a lesser tendency to crack than the American variety.  Color also stays yellow/orange a lot longer than the American type.   One of the few cases where the substitute is better than the original. As of spring 2011, it looks like osage orange prices will go up. They have been sold at some loss (no idea why) by the mill that produces them for years and they now hope to make a profit. Note: Soon after this announcement, the mill went broke. Most wood sold now is just the leftovers from that mill years ago.


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Osage orange pen blank
Price: $1.30

Sample photo, colors range from gold to orange.
Note: All turn deep gold or orange color over time

Sample Photo showing the appearance of fresh cut wood (the lighter area) and 
wood with a wax coating, which simulates what color looks like in finished pieces.


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