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Pau Rosa

(Swartzia fistuloides)



Pau rosa is a very dense wood that grows in eastern and central Africa. It is also seen in Tanzania. The specific gravity of this tree ranges from .8 to 1.0 . Most pieces are very dense. Color ranges from a dark purple red to light orange red with contrasting streaks. It is considered difficult to carve, but gives good results. Use very sharp tools when turning or cutting. Grain is moderately coarse, but takes a great polish. This is not a common wood, and we have found few opportunities to get it. It is difficult to dry and cracks easily during drying. Seems quite stable after drying. Our pieces are dried.


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Pen blanks shown in bare wood. Many nice colors in this wood.

Pau Rosa 3/4 pen blanks
Price: $2.10

Pau Rosa 3/4 pen blank with part sapwood for contrast
(like second piece from right in photo above)
amount of sapwood varies up to 2/3

Price: $2.10

Top piece is lightest color, and it always ages to a darker color.  Fresh cut (but dry) wood.

Pau Rosa 1 x 1 x 12 inches
Price: $6.00


The top piece has some water on it to

simulate the appearance of the color when finished.



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