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African Olivewood

This wood is found mostly in South Africa. It is a gnarly tree that is slow growing. This material is harvested legally through a permit system. It is a very dense, fine grained wood that is wonderful for woodturning and many other uses. Has a pleasant smell. Note that these are high quality pieces without checks or voids, not seconds like most sellers have. Most of our Olivewood is dried (will be marked on the item if dried, except pen blanks which are always dried). This is no simple process. The logs or lumber are allowed to dry for 4-10 years and they crack profusely during the process. We then get an average yeild of 18% from each log that is good enough to make the pieces we sell, and mostly we get pen blanks. Many logs can’t produce a single 2 x 2 x 12. Selling wet olivewood is different and has far lower costs to the seller (but much more trouble for the buyer). To dry a piece that is 2 x 2 x 12 from the wet/waxed state will take at least 3 years of constant humidity above a certain level and a fairly constant temperature. For that reason, the pieces not marked dried are far cheaper since there is about 75% less labor to produce them. Truly dry olivewood is so much trouble to produce that it is rare on the market in these defect free pieces we make. When we say “air dried” or “kiln dried” we mean the wood is known to be at less then 12% moisture. We use 12% moisture as a maximum because in most locales this is dry enough to work immediately. Be aware that most vendors offering “air dry” wood are offering very wet wood, or wood with unknown moisture content.

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Pen Blanks

Olivewood Burl 119 to 129

Olivewood burl pen blanks. Most have been soaked with superglue that was dried and then sanded back off. Expect at least some of these blanks to need at least a little glue on the inside as the nature of most burls (including this one) is that you often find some kind of divet or slit inside that is usually in need of thin superglue. All have been well dried, an uncommon offering for sure.

Piece 122

Olivewood Burl, dried, size: 3/4 x 3/4 x 5 1/8 inches

Piece 124

Olivewood Burl, dried, size: 3/4 x 3/4 x 5 inches

Unique items

Craft Blanks

Olivewood Burl 114 to 118

This is real Olivewood burl. Took since 2009 to dry it by a very slow method. Amazingly, some of it still isn't dry and we'll offer those few pieces in the future. It tends to crack when drying. Expect to use suerglue to fill some little gaps or issues inside the burl. We thoroughly glued the outside and sanded off any excess. It is a stable wood once dry though.

Piece 118

Olivewood Burl, dried, size: 7/8 x 1 5/8 x 2.25 inches

Olivewood+Almond 106 to 113

This is very nice dried olivewood with excellent lines and some have figure in places also. The Almond wood has the unusual appearance because it is cut along the hybridized line between the part of the root stock that is used and the hybrid tree that is grafted on top. Both types are dry, and the thick ones took about 10 years to slow dry as rushing them would have caused damage.

Piece 106

Olivewood, dried, size: 1.75 x 2 x 7 inches

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Piece 110

Olivewood, dried, size: 1.75 x 1.75 x 4.75 inches

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Knife Blanks

Olivewood 100 to 105

These are dried olivewood. Really nice grain and colors in these. This stuff is so easy to work with, it is really satisfying to sand and shape.

Piece 100

Olivewood, dried, size: 1 x 1 x 5.5 inches

Piece 101

Olivewood, dried, size: 1 x 2 x 5 inches

Piece 102

Olivewood, dried, size: 1 x 1.5 x 4.5 inches

Piece 103

Olivewood, dried, size: 1 x 2 x 3 7/8 inches

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