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Ceylon Satinwood

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Pen Blanks

Ceylon Satinwood Pen Blanks (figured)


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Knife Blanks

Figured Ceylon Satinwood

These thicker pieces have been fully slow dried over many years. A wood that is nice to work, has great figure and changes appearance from every light angle. This makes the full extent of the figure hard to show in photos, you really need a video for something like this. A favorite of woodturners and other woodworkers for many years. ALL are GG+/GG grade

Piece B

1.25 x 2 7/16 x 6.5 inches

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Ceylon Satinwood (Chloroxylon swietenia) is the only species that is in the Chloroxylon genus. It is renowned for a yellow color that catches light like no other wood type. When figured, it catches light in an amazing way when moved at angles to the light. Comes from India, Sri Lanka and Madagascar. Fine grain and takes a glass like polish.

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