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Paella Burl

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Craft Blanks

Paella Burl 9-14

Ultra Rare Paella burl (aka Chakte Viga Burl) with very high figure and fantastic color. All are dried and ready to use. We have very little of this, and this might be a once in a generation find, with only one time in over 20 years we've been able to get this burl in high quality like this. Like chakte viga, you can "tan" it in the sun to deepen the color. Sometimes just a couple hours can change it deep a deeper fiery orange. The length of time depends on the sun strength and what finish is on it. Works best in direct sun exposure, rather than through a window.

Piece 14

Paella Burl, dried, size: 1+ x 2 3/16 x 3 1/16 inches, Piece 14

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