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Koa, the best known of Hawaiian woods, grows year round and can reach heights of 100 feet. The specific gravity is around .55, making it similar to American Black walnut in density. It has been used for centuries by Hawaiians to make wa’a (dugout canoes). It is a great wood for many purposes including musical instruments, bowls and all kinds of projects where a medium weight wood can be used. Our figured Koa has the beautiful chatoyance in the curls seen in the photo below. As best we can tell, it is not classified as endangered but availability for the market is just about gone for good figured pieces. Prices have risen about 800% in the last 15 years for top figured pieces. The biggest threat to Koa in Hawaii appears to be overgrazing of cattle.

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Workability: Very easy to work. Sands easily. To bring out the potential of figured pieces a very fine finish (and sanding) is required. When rough, some top quality figured pieces appear to have no figure at all.

Pen Blanks

Koa Pen Blanks

Koa, a type of acacia from Hawaii, is now becoming a rare wood and there is little availability. These pen blanks are technically GG grade or better (GG means figure on at least 2 of 4 sides), but we'll call them figured. They are specially priced and all came from the same board I found behind some other things recently.


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Craft Blanks


Koa L to R

Koa is now a rare wood. Pieces of Hawaiian Koa with figure like this are very hard to find for sale anywhere. These are all thin slices and might be a little thicker on one side than the other. The measurements show the smallest thickness area. We have had these for years, and there is no way we can get more stock of the quality you see in most of the pieces shown.

Piece L

Koa, FIGURED, dried, size: 7/16 ” thick x 5 3/8 x 5 3/8 inches (with the missing corner as seen in photos)

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Piece M

Koa, FIGURED, dried, size: 3/16″ thick x 2 5/8 x 5 3/8 inches

Piece N

Koa, FIGURED, dried, size: 5/8″ thick by 2 5/8 x 5 1/8 inches

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