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This wood is also called Chakte kok (chock–tee–coke) . It varies greatly in color from one of the most intense reds of any wood, to cream colors, purples, oranges, and light red. Most of the wood is light to deep red. Specific gravity is about .55 . The darker red wood seems to be heavier then the lighter colors, but not by a lot. It grows from Southern Mexico all the way to Paraguay in South America. It is easy to turn on the lathe but the end grain will tear out if tools are not very sharp. Very sharp tools and higher lathe speeds have worked better in our experience. The grain is medium fine and the wood warps substantially when air or kiln drying. Our redheart is either kiln dried or partially air dried.

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If kiln dried, it will be noted on the item. Pen blanks are always sold dry.

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