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This is one of the genuine types of aromatic sandalwood and is native to Nepal. Reportedly, it is difficult to tell any difference in grain or color between this sandalwood and East Indian sandalwood, which is generally illegal for export from India in solid wood form. The scent of the two woods seem slightly different. Nepal sandalwood aroma is a little less earthy but more ethereal than Indian sandalwood, in our opinion. If you’ve only experienced the East Indian type, we strongly recommend you give the Nepal type a try. Note that pink sandalwood is the same wood but has no noticeable sandalwood scent. While native to Nepal, the pieces sold below were grown on a plantation in Tanzania for many years which had to be removed. No wild sandalwood trees in Nepal were harmed to produce this wood. Caution: This wood or the wood incense dust sold below is not for ingestion or medicinal use and is not sold for that purpose. This is a hard wood with a very fine grain, and is excellent for woodworking, ornamental turning, and carving because the fine grain allows for very small details without breakage. The wood is dry and ready for use.

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Burn incense safely with flame-proof containers. Attend burning incense at all times. Powder may contain trace amounts of other wood types.

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