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For years, this wood has been difficult to get and has now become almost impossible to acquire in the USA. Part of the reason is that it is almost all being sold to veneer and other manufacturers in China, who pay more and have thus cornered the market. The wood is worth more as veneer and the lumber prices for the small remaining stocks of highly figured solid wood are now very high. Wood with medium or low or no figure is still easy to get and much less expensive. The figure may look like the pictures above or others below (more quilted/curly or intensely quilted, or a combination of the two). The color can also be lighter or darker as well. Most people are very happy with our gallery grade (gg) material, and even gallery grade minus (gg-) material is very nice compared to most figured woods.

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Pen Blanks

Sapele pen blank

Figure at least GG grade


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Grading system:
gallery grade plus (gg+)=outstanding highest figure with distinct figure over 90% of the piece on FOUR faces.
gallery grade (gg) = Very high figure with distinct figure over at least 90% of the piece on two faces. Sometimes there is four face figure, but not enough to be GG+
gallery grade minus (gg-): A very nice figured piece, no specific rules about where the figure is but any reasonable person would call it a piece of “figured” wood.

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