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Thuya Burl

This beautiful burl comes from Morocco. Reportedly it comes from the root systems of trees which have died a long time ago. It is very difficult to find as the tree tops have disappeared years ago, leaving small depressions in the ground where it is dug to see if a burl is there. It has a characteristic smell and a very fine grain. The color may vary from deep reddish to bronze to tan. The black spots may be sparse or more packed together. Even though the tree is a conifer, the wood is very hard and somewhat oily. A favorite turning wood for years and as you can see from the photos, it finishes fantastically well.
Now becoming rare due to import problems and lack of good quality from the source.

­č¬Á Good to know

Grading explanation for figured wood:
Gallery grade minus (gg-) is a nicely figured piece that has some figure scattered around, not tight or all over figure
Gallery grade (gg) is a highly figured piece of wood. It has very high and intense figure on at least two parallel sides, or very good figure on 3 or 4 sides.
Gallery grade PLUS (gg+) is a piece with rare intense figure that appears on all 4 surfaces of a square. Usually uncommon to rare.

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