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Dried pieces in a very special bloodwood. We have been in business since 2003. The best bloodwood we have ever had is this. The color, density, fineness of grain, this has it all and I didn’t think I’d ever see this. We had something almost as good that ran out around 2010 when cutting in a certain part of Brazil was stopped. This seems to have all come from the same extraordinary log. I did see a picture of the log but I don’t have copyright so cannot show it here. It was very large, over 3 feet around and had the deepest cranberry red color I have seen, just as these do. It has taken years to dry these, you cannot rush high density bloodwood. They are 8-12% moisture content now. In some cases you may need them drier. If so, let me know as I know the best way to dry. Even being this dry, they cannot just be left out in the sun or in extreme dry or heat, be careful with them in that kind of environment.


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