Ebony 109-123


This photo shows this ebony with a coat of shellac. AIR DRIED COMPLETELY. (under 12%) See All four pics below of the bare wood sides of these pieces (this is what other vendors don’t show–they only show the wood after finishing because that darkens it). Note that the grading system is based on us looking at the wood when it is completely bare wood, not finished. All pieces ARE dry (for real) of course. Note that ebony is a little bit more brittle then some woods, and just because it is dry does not mean it won’t crack if you get it super hot sanding it (if you cannot comfortably put your hand on it–then is too hot) or by hitting it with a hard object like a hammer, or dropping it on a cement floor.

PLEASE READ THE GRADING SYSTEM AT THE TOP OF THE PAGE TO UNDERSTAND THE MEANING OF A, A+, AA ETC. If two grades are shown, it is in between those two grades. When two grades are shown, the one that is closest to correct is listed first.


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