Gold Crystal Burl AtoD

I call this Gold Crystal Burl. I got it once around 19 years ago and have never even seen a picture of another piece since. I only have a small piece of this. It is one of the top burls for beauty I have ever seen. I have even had in person assessments by wood experts that live in the general area it came from, they do not recognize it. We know it is from Southeast Asia which includes countries like Laos, Thailand , Burma, Cambodia and Vietnam. But this is all the info we have. If you know what this is, I’d be thankful to hear from you. (It is not amboyna, afzelia, hopea, or cochinchin burl)

Please NOTE: These pieces have lots of little natural gaps in them. I have spent a large amount of time carefully gluing (with cyanoacrylate) the outside and as deep inside as I can. You should expect to do more gluing inside as no doubt there will be more gaps in there. I have done a lot of the gluing for you though. The wood is completely dry, something like around 5-6% moisture.

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