Lignum Vitae (genuine) 1 to 9


Lignum vitae has a storied history but the most known use for the wood is as a bearing for boat drive shafts and for shafts in small dams. Some modern navies are still using this wood for bearings as it is unmatched for longevity under pressure in underwater applications. There is no available man made material that is superior, something very hard to believe but apparently true.

The pieces in this offering are AA grade. AA grade in this wood means that we have not found any defects in the wood and we believe it is suitable for the most demanding use, making bearings. Of course it is suitable for anything else usually done with it, like cutting threads, ornamental turnery, knife handles and more. The wood has been dried, and we’ve had it about 18 years now. These pieces are coated in wax, but as mentioned are dried. We suggest that any wood needs some kind of a finish, including this one.


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