Lignum Vitae, genuine figured


An extremely rare offering. We have never offered these online before, and once our stock is gone they cannot be replaced. How did we get these? Back in 2007 we were able to get one of the last shipments of genuine lignum vitae. It was about 2 tons of squares. About 2/3 of those pieces had checks or defects in them. But out of those two tons, we where able to get maybe 25 pounds of figured pieces. Nearly all of them had some kind of defects, so they had to be glued and cut down to get a quality piece. I decided it was worth the work since this was something I had never even seen for sale since 2003 when we started business. Some have curl, crotch or even some burl figure. Some may need a little more gluing inside, but I did quite a job on them to try to fill and fix everything we could find.


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Green, Tan


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