Nepal Sandalwood A-P

Actual pieces shown, order below. These pieces are completely dried. We received these about 18 years ago. Nepal Sandalwood, which is native to Nepal, is called Osyris Wightiana. It is a genuine sandalwood and there are references to it be used in sandalwood oil over 100 years ago. The aroma of this sandalwood compared to Indian or Hawaiian sandalwood is different. It is more subtle and but also earthy at the same time. The aroma is also not as strong, so when used as incense or heated for the fragrance you need more of the wood. However the effect on the psyche is different from other sandalwood. It tends to be more subtle, but is just as powerful when you use enough. This wood was grown in Tanzania many years ago where they have plantations for also a similar type of sandalwoood called osyris lanceolata.

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