Nepal Sandalwood JtoO


Nepal Sandalwood (osyris wightiana) is related to other sandalwood types. It has been used to mix into sandalwood essential oil since the 1800’s. The smell is not as obvious as high grade Indian sandalwood or the the Hawaii Sandalwood types. It usually requires heating to be smelled and the aroma is more mellow than other sandalwood. Generally the lighter the color and the more burl in a piece the more smell it has. Reddish pieces usually have less smell, no idea why (however the color makes up for that!).

This super rare material was imported around 2006 and as far as I can tell, not again since then. We don’t have much left but wanted to put a rare offering together with these. They mostly have small natural splits, divets and some holes. We worked extensively on each piece that get those natural areas filled and glued with superglue. Expect some more gluing to be needed inside in some cases if you want to have a smooth surface as shown in the pics. It is a dream to work and has a unique beautiful look.


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