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Custom Cutting and other Services

You can now order some custom services right over the internet.  Note that services may increase the time it takes to get your order shipped.   If you are meeting a deadline, you may wish to call us and ask how long it will take us to finish your order with the services added.  Usually the extra time is 2 to 3 days more than it would take without services added.   Note that cuts are only guaranteed to 1/8" plus or minus, so please take that into account when giving cutting instructions. Note:  We only do straight or rounded cuts,  other angled cuts or contours are not available. Returns:  Returns of pieces we cut at your request are not allowed unless they fall more than 1/8" +/- outside your specifications.  Rounded pieces are guaranteed to be sized to 3/8" under the listed size or larger, as this is a hand-done process.

Key to terms:
Crosscut:  Cutting across the smallest area of the piece.  In a 2" x 2" x 12", that would be a 2" long cut.
Rip:  Cutting down the longest part of the piece.  In a 2" x 2" x 12", that would be a 12" long cut.
Cut round:  For bowl blanks, this means rounding off the corners.  Note:  They will not be perfectly round.
Dowel: A turning square that has been turned round on the lathe.  Near perfect or perfectly round.  Rough Sanded.


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Service: Cut pieces at certain lengths:  Crosscutting (cutting across the grain)
Be sure to select the thickness of the pieces being cut.  If cutting
some pieces over 2" and some 2" and under, call us to order
as the shopping cart only allows one size per order.
Price: $1.00  for up to 2" thick
$1.50 for over 2" thick 
(Each cut adds 1 to Quantity)

Be sure to leave a note in comments as to what lengths to cut and which piece(s) in your order is/are being cut. Requests for accuracy better than 1/8" aren't guaranteed, but we'll do our best. 

Service: Ripcutting (cutting with the grain down the longest length)
Price: $1.25  for under  2" thick and up to 18" long
Price: $2.00 for up to 2.5" thick and up to 36" long
$3.50 for over 2.5" thick or over 36" long
(Each cut adds 1 to Quantity)
Select Size: 

Be sure to leave a note in comments as to what lengths to cut and which piece of wood in your order is being cut. If making ripcuts on different priced sizes of wood, call us to order, you can only order one size selection on the site (but as high a quantity as you want). Accuracy requests closer than 1/16" are not guranteed, but we'll do our best. 
Service:Cut Bowl Blanks round (not perfectly round)
Price: $4.00 for up to 8" x 8" bowl blanks
$6.00 for up to 12" x 12" bowl blanks
$8.00 for up to 16" x 16" bowl blanks 
Select Size: 

Be sure to leave a note in comments as to which bowl blank(s) are being rounded. Get a discount if rounding 4 or more different bowl blanks: just select the cheapest size for all your bowl blanks, regardless of actual size. If ordering 3 or less , you need to order all as the largest size you are buying, as only one choice can be selected per order.

Service: Photo of a piece not photographed on the website (priced under $50)

Price: $3.50 each photo 
(will be sent via email or posted on website for you) 

Note: pieces of wood that cost over $50. may be photographed for free if there is no
picture by that item on the website.  Maximum of five free pictures per customer per month.
Be sure to tell us what piece of wood to photograph, any special
appearance you are trying to get, etc.  The photo will be a snapshot
of the piece of wood as it now looks (won't be finished or sanded)


Order online, or call us Monday through Friday 970-241-2827
International callers and all Questions: Email us

Note that everything on this page (photos too!) are copyrighted and may not be used
without written permission.  Copyright 2006 by James Griffin.  If you are a customer
and desire to use some of our photos on your website, call us with your request.