Griffin Exotic Wood

Striped Ebony
(either diospyros ebenum or diospyros crassiflora)

Striped ebony can have lines that swirl somewhat or are nearly straight (as seen above).  The lighter lines can be sparse or may cover the whole piece with a black background.  Sometimes there is a predominantly black background with a few bold lines swinging through at an angle. It is really a kind of figure seen in black ebony and the variations are endless.  The wood works and handles just as black ebony does, being a variation of color within that species.  The pieces we sell are selected for having attractive lines. Note that when we say "air dried" or "kiln-dried" we mean that the wood has been properly checked with a corrected moisture meter and is known to have less than 12% moisture. 12% moisture is what used to qualify as a kiln-dried piece of wood in the past. Unfortunately, many vendors have started using using up to 18% moisture (which is unstable) to count as kiln-dried and completely wet wood to count as air dried. We don't make claims of "air dried" or "kiln-dried" unless we know the actual moisture and it is genuinely under 12%.



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Striped Ebony pen blank
Price: $1.90

We have some odd squares available, email us



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