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This is the ornamentally turned top. . .

and other side of the top . . . .

. . .that covers the pink ivory and african blackwood box


This pink ivory wood and  african blackwood box is my latest creation.   It feels like glass in your hand and is polished to the same fine luster as an airplane cockpit window . . . .yet  is satiny and not too shiny.  The top fits loosely and the inside of the piece is as tactilely rewarding as the outer surfaces.  The pattern on the top was created with an ornamental turning device which is opterated completely by hand.  The distance between each peak in the pattern is 1 mm.

Size:  3" tall and 2.75" wide.   Signed.

African Blackwood and Pink ivory ornamental box

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Price: $240.00

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Click here to learn more about James' artistic philosophy . . .

...Each piece is one-of-a-kind, finished with extreme care,
and was designed and created solely by the artist.

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wood turned art wood turned art
Cocobolo Rosewood hollow form
size: 7.5"diameter by 2 1/8" tall 
Pernambuco, Ebony, Yellowheart
title: "Sipapu" hollow form
size: 7.25" diameter  x 2 7/8" tall
rare exotic , wood carving
Ebony, Pink Ivory wood
formal pedestal bowl 
size: 5 1/8" diameter by 3 1/8" tall
price: $485 (sold)
Purpleheart, Bloodwood
hollow form
size: 5 1/8" diameter by 3 3/4" tall
rare, exotic, bowl blanks james griffin
Bloodwood, Mahogany, Purpleheart
title: "Inner Mystery" part-hollowed form
size: 5 1/4" diameter by 4 1/2" tall
artistic tray
size: 10.5" diameter by 1.5" tall


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