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Argentine Lignum

Argentine Lignum Vitae is an extremely dense wood with a high oil content. It bears some resemblance to genuine lignum vitae but tends to be lighter in color. Argentine Lignum is not closely related to genuine lignum vitae, as confirmed for us recently by an expert in the wood field. The grain is very fine, and color can vary from that seen above to a very dark brownish green. Like real lignum vitae (guiacum species), it has some use for boat and other bearings. It is not the same as verawood, which is bulnesia arborea. It is a great turning wood and the best replacement for genuine lignum vitae, which has been nearly banned for import and current stocks are low in the USA. Argentine lignum vitae is being placed on the CITES appendix II list in May, 2010, which means that the wood can still be imported but only in more limited quantities. Prices are expected to rise substantially on this wood after supplies begin to diminish and new costs of importing are factored into the price we pay.

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Argentine Lignum Vitae also known as guayacan (bulnesia sarmientoi)

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