Borneo Rosewood 21-27

Borneo Rosewood is a rare type of red colored wood from the island of Borneo and also Southeast Asia (Thailand, etc). It is considered the best wood to keep a red color over a long period of time. The wood is quite dense and polishes very well. The darker pieces turn a sort of cranberry red over time. The pieces that are more orange turn a red color over time. Note that the pictures shown pieces that are recently cut, they have not had time to turn to a deeper shade yet. It does not tend to turn brown, making it quite unusual. This is not a genuine rosewood (which all have a latin name starting with “dalbergia”) and for that reason it is allowed to be shipped worldwide.

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Piece 21, Piece 22, Piece 23, Piece 24, Piece 25, Piece 26, Piece 27