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This is the exciting page for various figured woods that just don't fit somewhere else.  We will have an ever changing inventory, and most are here because they are available only occasionally or just once.  Usually there are not many pieces available, so if you like what you see be sure to buy what you want soon as they may go quickly. Read the whole description to get the facts on what is being sold, dried pieces will say "dried", stabilized pieces will say "stabilized" etc. Might be noted somewhere in the description or the item.

Grading explanation for figured wood:
Gallery grade minus (gg-) is a nicely figured piece that has some figure scattered around, not tight or all over figure
Gallery grade (gg) is a highly figured piece of wood. It has very high and intense figure on at least two parallel sides, or very good figure on 3 or 4 sides.
Gallery grade PLUS (gg+) is a piece with rare intense figure that appears on all 4 surfaces of a square. Usually uncommon to rare.

unless specified otherwise.


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Nice 1 x 1 x 12-16's that are dry and figured. Figure ranges from gg- to gg.
 The 12 inch ones have better figure of the two sizes.
Figured Ceylon Satinwood
piece 15
1 x 1 x 12 inches

Price: $9.00

Click the photo for view of side 2.

A large dried piece. Grade is gg/gg+. Pictures don't do it justice!
Figured Ceylon Satinwood
piece 7
2.75 x 2.75 x 15 1/8 inches
Price: SOLD

Laos Ironwood burl is a rare wood from Southeast Asia, these came from Laos. These are dried pieces with good figure and they are 3/4 x 3/4 x 5 inches.  Only about 30 or so available. Turns red over time.

Laos Ironwood Burl pen blank
3/4 x 3/4 x 5 inches

Price: $9.50 Sold out for now, possibly more soon!

Click the photo for view of side 2.

Big Linden, (Tilia platyphyllos) is sometimes also called Lime, but it isn't related to real lime trees. Trees can live to great age and there is one on the ruins of a church in Kiev Ukraine that is believed to date from the 1300's. The tree is not rare, but these burls are almost unknown on the market in the USA. We did extensive soaking with superglue on all these and though I was very thorough, you could need to use a bit more glue once you get inside the wood. Hardness seems to be about like Northwest Maple, at least for the burls.  Sands very nicely and was super easy to finish too.  Interesting color and patterns not seen in other burls so we thought we would give this a try and see what you think (let me know either way). All pieces were DRIED for years.

No surprises: ALL four sides visible in photos:

Click here for a THIRD side view.

Click here for FOURTH side view.

This group is now sold, we do plan to offer more small squares in this burl. If we can get bigger pieces we will, but so far we have only found thicknesses up to 1 7/16.

Figured Pyinma
(Lagerstroemia spp.)
not related to Ceylon Satinwood, Pyinma is a completely
different species. We have ceylon satinwood too, email us.
Pyinma has much better figure.

sample of gg+ figure

Figured Pyinma pen blank
Price: $1.75

Highly figured Pyinma pen blank
GG grade

Price: $3.25

Highly figured Pyinma 1 x 1 x 12 gallery grade minus

Price: $? temporarily unavailable, email us as we have it but have not sorted it yet  (12/20)


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