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New Woods

Cocobolo 50to60

Real Cocobolo Rosewood. Fortunately this wood is being brought into the country in small regulated batches. Most other rosewoods are gone from the market, so it is really nice to still have a way to get these. They are dried pieces. We prefer selling dried pieces since the wet waxed ones pretty much everyone else sells have hidden cracks in them. We dry them, then cut off the ends to make sure they aren’t cracked. Sometimes we have to kick out defective ones, but better done in our shop then giving you a bad surprise.

Cocobolo is an oily wood, like most rosewoods. If finishing with a clear finish it is a good idea to wipe down the sanded surface with denatured alcohol, let the alcohol dry and then apply the finish. This removes the oil from the surface which can prevent finishes from adhering well. Shellac is also a good option as it seems to stick to most anything.


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Ziricote TtoZ

Ziricote, thicker dried pieces. Drying ziricote takes a lot of patience and years. We did that with these to make sure they were stable before selling. This wood type also cracks a lot during drying, so it is best to always buy it dry, rather than waxed/wet because you can get stuck with cracks otherwise.


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Ziricote NtoS

Dried Ziricote with nice lines. It isn’t easy to find the thicker ones in dried pieces.


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Ziricote AtoM

Ziricote is noted for the interesting grain lines, some of which look like landscapes. Use sharp tools, the wood is pretty hard. We usually prefer a finish that starts with sanding sealer to avoid darkening the wood too much. The pieces shown are not finished. If shipped during very hot weather we will apply a clear finish to protect in shipping.


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Tamarisk is a middle eastern bush. In dry areas it is usually a bush with pencil thickness stalks and no usuable wood. It is mentioned in the Bible in stories about Abraham. We are calling this one of our Biblical woods for that reason. This wood for sale was cut in Colorado, USA. The bush was brought from the Middle East to North America in the early 1800’s to stop erosion around rivers. It does that well but it was later realized that it can get out of control when given a lot of water, such as on riverbanks. Colorado actually has a billion dollar plan to remove this bush from the state because it is drinking so much water from the Colorado River. I actually cut this one myself near my back yard. Had to use a hand saw it my arm really burned after cutting this stuff. It has a higher density and deeper color than usual, apparently because growing conditions were not good and it didn’t get much water. The more stressed many trees are, the prettier the wood usually is. These pieces in some cases also have figure in them.

Workability: Works great as a craft wood and sands and finishes like a dream. Also the wood has an unusual natural shine (see the close ups). Color is sort of a pink champagne.


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Brazilian Tulipwood 1to9

Dried Brazilian Tulipwood with selected best color. This wood is gone or nearly gone from the market (and our shop). We don’t know if anyone will be able to import more or not, Brazil stopped exports around 2014 and has allowed no more out since then. Brazil currenly has a plan to ban all wood exports after 2028. But actions in the country make it unclear if they’ll do that. If they do implement this it would mean the following woods would not be available: Bloodwood, canarywood (for the most part), Purpleheart (for the most part) and many more.

NOTE: we cannot send this wood outside the USA due to strict CITES regulations.


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Cherry Burl OtoP

Cherry Burl selected highest grade pieces. Dried and repeatedly soaked with thin superglue. It is always possible to find some gaps on the inside of any burl, so you might have to glue somewhere on the inside. Very uncommon to see bowl blanks in this burl, you usually cannot get pieces this wide/thick as the burls are quite small (at least in the good areas).


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Cherry Burl FtoN

Cherry Burl from the Appalachia area of the southern US. Selected superior grade burl figure that is far better than average pieces. These piece were dried over a period of years in slab form, then cut and repeatedly soaked in superglue to get a better surface. Gluing internal areas might be required in some cases.


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Cherry Burl AtoE

Black Cherry Burl from the Applachian area of the Southern USA. These are selected best, most cherry burl has much less impressive figure than these. These were dried in slab form over 3-5 years, then cut into these pieces. All of them have been glued in some way and basically they’ve been soaked in superglue from the outside. You might have to glue some areas on the inside, at least in some cases.


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Cottonwood Burl pen blanks

Cottonwood burl pen blanks. These have been professionally stabilized by impregnating with resin at a very high pressure. Cottonwood burl has a lot of natural empty space once you remove all the water. For that reason, it needs to always be stabilized, and additionally to be filled. We filled with superglue. It is possible there are some small gaps inside we could not reach, you might need to glue those in some cases. Not seen for sale alot because they are quite a bit of trouble to produce. They are very dense and ready to use now.


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