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Australian Blackwood GG PLUS pen blanks

Australian Blackwood (acacia melanoxylon) in GG PLUS pen blanks. GG PLUS means there is very good figure on all 4 sides. This level of figure is rare in any wood type. Our pen blanks are always sold dried. Sizes: 3/4 x 3/4 x 5-6 inches long


Wood Name: Wood Type:
Australian Blackwood GG pen blanks

Australian Blackwood (acacia melanoxylon) pen blanks in GG. Gallery grade means there are at least two very figured sides, or sometimes even 3-4 sides that are figured. Close relative of Hawaiian Koa and very hard to tell apart sometimes. But less expensive, and more importantly, still available unlike Koa which is nearly gone in high figured pieces. Sizes are 3/4 x 3/4 x 5-6 inches long. Pen blanks are always sold dried.


Wood Name: Wood Type:
Black Palm Squares (ALL DRIED)

Black Palm is one of those unique woods that belong in the list of exotics. It is easy to sand and has some characteristics different from other woods. You’ll find the black part is less absorbent than the white/light part. This means that the light part will darken somewhat if you don’t use a sanding sealer to prevent it from absorbing whatever finish you use. Both appearances are good, but for more contrast use a sanding sealer.


SKU N/A Wood Name: Wood Type:
Cocobolo A to K

Dried Cocobolo 2 x 2 x 12’s (K is 11.5 inches long). Really nice genuine rosewood, we are lucky to still be able to get this stuff. Most rosewoods are basically off the market, but this is still coming in small amounts, through a permit program.


SKU N/A Wood Name: Wood Type:
Black Locust Burl pen blanks

Black Locust is a wood that grows in North America and is so durable it is used for fence posts with an expected life of 40 years in wet ground. A long time ago I lived in rainy, humid Southern Maryland and the best fence posts were locust. Pressure treated posts do not last as long.

These are really high quality burl. GG+ means there is very high figure visible on all 4 sides, rare. GG means there is high figure on at least 2 parallel sides, but these have figure on 4 sides. It is hard to get this burl with a burl figure this fine and high grade, making them really perfect for pen blanks. Some finishes make them look darker, especially those that soak into the surface.


SKU N/A Wood Name: Wood Type:
Boxwood 27 to 38

Genuine Boxwood, dried pieces. Note that the grade is shown under each piece. These are fine grained pieces.


SKU N/A Wood Name: Wood Type:
Boxwood 17 to 26

Genuine dried Boxwood, fine grain with great quality. IQ grade pieces= All A true buxus, this one is buxus macowannii .


SKU N/A Wood Name: Wood Type:
Boxwood 4 to 16

Genuine dried Boxwood. This type is Buxus Macowannii. A true buxus species and has a very fine grain, as this was taken from South Africa where it apparently grows quite slowly. Great quality material. It is a lot of labor to make these pieces, but we feel it is worth it to offer material that is top quality.

When pieces are the general size of a Knife handle blank, we just label them as knife blanks. They can be used for all sorts of purposes though.

Grades, see the description for boxwood. TG = Turning Grade, IQ = Musical Instrument Grade, IQ2= Almost musical instrument grade


SKU N/A Wood Name: Wood Type:
Boxwood 1 to 3

Genuine Buxus type boxwood. These three are all fine grained and are IQ2 grade. Dried.


SKU N/A Wood Name: Wood Type:
Black & White Ebony 26 – 31

Dried Black and White Ebony micro lumber. This wood type is hard to get now due to import restrictions in the main country it comes from: Laos. Usually sold wet, but we decided this wood needed to be dried before sale because in some situations it is near impossible to dry without problems. We deal with the problems on our end and send good wood that you can use right out of the box.


SKU N/A Wood Name: Wood Type:
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