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(*internet completed orders only--max. value = 10% of wood order which is applied to free/discounted shipping)

Note: Discounted shipping or Free shipping ONLY applies to orders COMPLETED and PAID on the internet. Pick SUPER SAVER to get free shipping (or receive discounted shipping if your shipping cost exceeds 10% of your wood total on qualifying orders). See bottom of page for conditions.

MINIMUM INTERNET ORDER IS $25.00 ($50 for any orders done by phone/email/mail or fax or export orders). Minimums apply to wood ordered, not shipping. Handling fees are charged for phone/email or fax orders, and only those internet orders that require us to buy plywood to back very thin pieces for shipping. Other shopping cart orders have free handling. Handling charges range from $5 for normal orders to $10 for smaller complicated orders (like one each of lots of kinds of pen blanks needing to be labeled for example). Orders over $200 with simple labeling/packing requirements now receive free handling (as of May 2015) See bottom of page for handling fees and how they are calculated on non-internet completed orders.

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10/5/15: Bois de rose: 2 x 2 x 15.75 inch piece added.
9/23/15: Hawaiian Sandalwood : ultra rare wood, small log pictured
9/22/15 : Thuya Burl : highly figured squares added
9/21/15 : Thuya Burl : Large square added, museum quality piece.
9/20/15: Amboyna burl: stabilized pieces added & Ebony : piece with figure added
9/19/15: Thai Rosewood : rare wood, nice piece pictured
9/18/15: Macadamia: nice pictured squares added & Afzelia burl : Our best large piece now up for sale, irreplaceable today.
9/16/15: Pyinma: All sizes and grades restocked including gg and gg PLUS grades & Blue Mahoe : new stabilized squares added
9/14/15 : Desert Ironwood : Larger burled/figured piece added.
9/13/15: Bubinga : Two large figured pieces added.
9/3/15: Bubinga: Two large figured and dried pieces added
8/30/15 : Amboyna burl : GG plus grade piece added
8/29/15: Nepal Sandalwood: some rare figured squares added & Nepal Sandalwood BURL : A super rare high figure piece added. .
8/24/15: Thuya Burl: Nice dried and sanded small slab added.
8/19/15: Bois de rose : very premium blanks pictured!
8/16/15: Figured pyinma : All three grades newly restocked in 1.5 and 2 inch squares, limited stock in highest grades.
8/8/15 : Cocobolo : Large burled/figured piece added.
8/5/15: Bethlehem Olivewood: Limited supply of 2 x 2 x 12's back in stock. Also, huge sale on Bethlehem olive pen blanks!
8/2/15: Desert Ironwood: Over 30 pictured squares added & Stabilized Pyinma : A unique GG+ grade, stabilized.
7/14/15: Koa : nice curly squares,knife blanks
7/12/15: Tulipwood: some beautiful 4/4 boards pictured.
7/11/15 : Hawaiian Sandalwood : some pen blanks added, very rare.

7/6/15: Amboyna burl: Three high grade stabilized squares added.

6/24/15 : Afzelia burl : some dried pieces added, very rare now.
6/14/15: Bolivian Rosewood: Nice dried 3 inch squares (rare on the market now)
6/12/15: Snakewood New 1 & 1.5 inch squares pictured.
6/3/15: Macassar Ebony: new 2 inch dried squares pictured & Pyinma Burl : some small stabilized blue squares added.
6/2/15 : African Blackwood new grade of IQ3, less expensive, & Buckeye Burl: nice new 1 to 1.5 inch squares added
5/24/15: Blue Mahoe: Dyed blue 1 inch squares added
5/12/15: Anchorseal CLASSIC New: We now offer quarts in this very hard to find exotic wood sealer. Also, get a special combo shipping deal anywhere in the USA---check it out!
5/4/15: Black and White Ebony New: 2 inch squares pictured.
Yellowheart: Yellowheart, new wood for us! Check out the new page at
Padauk: African Padauk, new wood for us! Check out the new page at

1/5/14: Ash Burl (A NEW WOOD FOR US): stabilized and available in 1.5 x 1.5 x 6 and pen blanks, all three grades, many pieces pictured on the Misc. figured page. Limited supply and won't be available all the time.

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New woods added recently:

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and receive UPS/USPS shipping at what it costs us to ship + a charge of $5.00 for box/tape for each box in your order (higher charges sometimes apply, see bottom of page). Phone orders are required if you have complicated needs/requests requiring a good bit of extra assistance or if you are ordering anything not available on the website.
Please NOTE: Free and discounted shipping is NOT available for phone orders. The minimum for phone orders is $50.00 (not including shipping/handling). Phone order shipping is ALWAYS higher than shipping in the shopping cart and phone orders always have handling charges. As of May 2015 we no longer charge handling fees for orders over $200 that do not require much labeling. Pen blank orders still require the handling fees if you need labeling and you are buying many different types. The reason is that our costs (and time invested) are MUCH higher for phone orders and our prices are based on the self serve model of checking out on your own on a website.

Shipping outside the USA?: How to save on international shipping

We stock over 90 types of EXOTIC wood.
They are all available in turning blanks!
(some small/medium sized lumber available too---email us with your needs)



New shipments:
New woods and sizes coming soon


Blue mahoe, here now (8/30/15)--drying

More afzelia burl September 2015

More high grade figured pyinma, Sept. 2015





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*If your order qualifies for Free or Discounted Shipping: Some exceptions apply. You must use SUPER SAVER for your shipping option.     Shipping costs that WE are paying on your behalf may not exceed 10% of what YOU are paying for wood/services. You will be billed for amounts above 10% in the shopping cart. Free or discounted shipping is now available in Hawaii or Alaska with SUPER SAVER, but check other options to make sure it is the cheapest way. Clearance items do not receive free shipping unless that item specifically says free shipping is included and you select the shipping option it tells you to select.  Free and discounted shipping is not available for orders completed anyway except on this website.* For free or discounted shipping, we will ship at our discretion with the carrier that is cheapest, and we must have an address that allows UPS and Mail (USPS), or two addresses if they are different..  SUPER SAVER SHIPPING can take from 3-12 days to arrive, please notify us and you have not received a tracking number by day 9 (check junk and spam folders please).

HANDLING FEES: For most orders (that don't checkout and pay in the shopping cart) handling charges are $5. For orders under $200 in wood that have over 15 different types of items (multiple quantities of exact same items count as 1 type of item) , the handling fee is $10 to cover the extra time, unless you don't need any types labeled, in which case the handling would be the normal $5. The average internet order takes 14 minutes to process, pack and label. The average phone order takes 1 hour 5 minutes to take the order, manually charge the card, write up the required detailed invoice, and pack and label. We also must pay a higher rate to take your credit card over the phone rather then having you charge it yourself in the shopping cart. This is why we must add the handling fees, to partially cover the extra time involved in non-internet purchases as well as extra banking charges.
Shipping is not retroactively discounted after your order is finalized (which means packed), so requests for changes in shipping type must be made at the time you place the order and before we ship it or pack it.


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